PainPatroltm is an OTC registered product that combines a robust, clinically proven list of ingredients, and pairs it with a dermal delivery system, eliminating the pain of sore muscles, stiff joints & back aches. We target the source of the pain so you can find relief quickly. Let our deep-penetrating formula get you back to what you love to do- whether that’s taking a walk, running a marathon, climbing that peak, or training to be the best. Whatever your why is, don’ let excuses be a part of your story.

Take control with PainPatrol.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a phytocannabinoid found in agricultural hemp. It is recognized for its benefits on human and animal health and is capable of affecting nearly every biological process. CBD is non-psychotoxic, meaning it does not result in a feeling of euphoria. CBD has a remarkable safety profile.

In 1992 researchers discovered and continue to investigate the existence of a central regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid System (ESC). The ECS is made of cannabinoid receptors, self-made cannabis-like compounds and enzymes that create and deactivate them. The ECS is one of the most important physcologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health.

Endocannabindoids and their receptors are found all throughout the body! Cannabinoids perform different tasks for each tissue, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis. Homeostasis maintains a stable internal environment for your body.


Cannabinoids in hemp bind to a special set of receptors in the skin known as TRPV-1 receptors. This is where it helps regulate feelings of heat, itch, and pain. Topical application of Hemp extracts support healthy repair mechanisms of damaged skin.


Sabel Med LLC manufactures and markets products that provide better outcomes for the user, as well as the care giver. Our team collectively has over 80 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of products to the healthcare and consumer channels. We are dedicated professionals making products that help improve your life, and increase efficiency for the clinician- all for a better value.

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