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Tommy D – New York

"I have been dealing with shoulder soreness/stiffness for quite some time. My doctor attributes the condition to a combination of the prescription statins which I take and a somewhat overly aggressive exercise regime. Per your suggestion, I've been using Pain Patrol, on an as-needed basis, for the past five weeks. The results are nothing short of fantastic! My shoulder pain has virtually been eliminated exaggeration! My as-needed basis is now down to once per week, if that. I'm not certain how this stuff works but I'm certainly glad it does! My wife is currently using it on her foot & ankle and is experiencing the same results. Everyone should be made aware of your little secret."


“Recently I was given the opportunity to use Pain Patrol with CBD. I suffer from gout and when I have flare ups they last up to three weeks and the pain is crippling. I had an episode recently and decided to try the Pain Patrol CBD product because I had tried everything else. The results were amazing and I was pain free in 2 days!!!! An amazing product.”

Mary, Registered Physical Therapist

“I have worked with physical therapy clients for over 30 years and have used many topical products to break the pain cycle. I was recently introduced to Pain Patrol and Pain Patrol CBD. The roller application made it very convenient to use and the effects were quite impressive. Whether it was a knee, shoulder or low back the results were profound. Now my clients have a product that really gives results.”

Amy Smith

“Pain Patrol CBD has changed my quality of life! Whether a minor (yes, I’m middle-aged) ache or pain or my major back pain, diabetic neuropathy and migraines, it helps my pain almost immediately and completely relieves my pain completely within 20 minutes!! The pain relief lasts too! This is clearly head and shoulders above any other menthol-based product with the addition of Broad Spectrum CBD you’ve outdone yourself! It’s light, not sticky, easy to apply and the product itself lasts and lasts! I’m grateful we found each other Pain Patrol CBD!!”

Kelly C, Tampa, FL

"Very impressed with the PainPatrol product! I’ve been using Biofreeze for years but PainPatrol has given me longer lasting relief from pain. It gets two thumbs up and definitely recommend it!”

PainPatrol works smarter

Our 20 years of clinical experience results in a professional product that delivers targeted and effective pain relief. We start with a robust, clinically proven list of ingredients, and pair that with our innovative dermal delivery system. Pain Patrol products work because of the true & tested work of science that lies inside of our formulation.


As a manufacturer of over the counter drugs, we have demanding standards for our raw material selection. Our CBD is tested multiple times to ensure it meets our very high and exact standards.  We only use growers who partner with us to achieve these exacting standards. You can trust PainPatrolCBD to have zero THC, and to deliver results that work.

Clinically robust formula

We pair natural menthol with:

  • Glucosamine
  • Boswellia
  • Chondroitin
  • Ilex
  • Arnica

These supplements and herbs work naturally with your body to reduce inflammation, build tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. They not only soothe and cool minor aches and pains, but also nourish your skin so that regular use will never dry out your skin.

Drastically reduced pain

Use PainPatrol to drastically reduce discomfort caused by chronic or localized conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Costochondritis
  • Gout
  • Muscle Pulls
  • Sprains (ankle, knee, other)
  • Joint Stiffness

Fast-acting, Long-lasting and Convenient

You can’t keep ice in your purse, gym bag or trunk of your car, but PainPatrol is highly effective and is packed in an easy to use, roll on tube. Don’t reach for a bag of ice. Ice will dull pain for a short while, but PainPatrol will act faster and last longer. PainPatrol provides fast and effective targeted relief while penetrating deep into the skin and tissue to provide relief from swelling and pain. Plus, the formula contains ingredients to soothe and nourish your skin.

Topical Cooling Gels, No-Odor Cream with Lidocaine, Deep Penetrating Joint Cream Tinctures and more

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