Between spina bifida (Closed NTD) and injuries sustained in a car accident 4 years ago, to varying degrees I am in pain 100% of the time. I’ve used CBD from other companies for 2 years and for a time all were effective, but NONE supplied the relief from my pain better than PainPatrol! I used the roll-on before bed last week and was stunned to wake up pain free! The CBD roll-on, Pain Relief Cream and 1500 mg. CBD oil have also proven easy to use, very fast acting, and provided longer lasting relief, far more effective than any other CBD I’ve used! I am very active in my career and have a demanding physical fitness routine. Carly Simon’s words are my own…”I haven’t got time for the pain.” Being over 50, certain aches and pains are inevitable, I suppose…but if using PainPatrol affords me the opportunity to manage if not outright eliminate my pain for most of my waking hours, it’s an investment I’ll happily make again and again. Thanks Pain Patrol!